Nicholas Stewart is the founder and lead craftsman at Integrated Fabrication.  His passion for building started at a young age as he spent long summers apprenticing  under his father, who ran a construction company. By the time he was 11 years old, he was on every job site as his fathers right hand man, learning every detail of the process. Their first joint project was for famed director Jack O’Bien’s four thousand square foot home in New Milford, Connecticut. It was then that Nicholas was taken by the trade as he continued to commit his summers with his father working for clients like Mia Farrow, Peter Wooster, and Stephen Sondheim.  These opportunities opened his eyes to what quality craftsmanship really meant and ignited his path to a life of innovation and creativity.   

          As Nicholas developed priceless skills alongside his father, he sought out the potential in joining a tech school in Chesapeake, Virginia. There he studied metal fabrication and welding for two years, standing out of his class with his prior knowledge and experience of working with his hands.  He was selected to compete at regional and state level where he placed first and received many job offers from this recognition.  

          Armed with drive and desire to produce his own projects, Nicholas decided to continue his education at Radford University where he majored in business before moving back to Connecticut, where he opened his shop doors in 2014 under the name Integrated Fabrication.

Nicholas spent three years in business before deciding to relocate to Southern California, where his journey as a craftsman continued. Constantly striving to take his goals to the next level, Nicholas relocated to the idyllic city of Oceanside, located in North San Diego County.  Here is where he has re-opened his doors to work directly with Interior Designers and bring quality custom furnishings to life in his personalized studio.  Armed with a lifetime of experience, an array of high tech machines, and the knowledge to work with an ever expanding range of materials; Nicholas has leveraged the latest technology to bring quality products to his clients. 

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